To get a new dog?

Top: the dog I might get, 12 week old female. Bottom: my old dog Izzie

What do you guys think? Should I get a new dog or should I wait? I’m apprehensive because, even though malinois are my favorite breed, it’s probably one of the most if not the most high drive working dog there is. So I’m going to list my pros and cons, because you know.. lists make anything possible. Plus I would really like your feedback!

1 I’ve been lookin for a new malinois for months and this one is within my budget (they normally go for upwards of $1,000k USD).
2 My husband is about to start intensive work at his mine, and I feel more comfortable having a guard dog around. Like the kind that will rip off the face of any threat. That’s this dog.
3 My other dog yogi needs a friend. He’s been depressed since we lost izzie and I can tell he is lonely.
4 I need a positive distraction/motivation to start running again. Definitely would need to run this dog at least once a day.
5 I am home all the time.
6 I have the infrastructure for training her (crate, play pen, food, etc).
7 I just really want a new dog..
8 malinois are very smart. Izzie was house trained in 2 days.
9 I can train her to be a service dog, something I’ve always wanted to do and I now have the time for it.
10 She will be baby friendly if I immerse her into the family now.
11 Yogi is the Yoda of dogs and can help me guide her to be a great dog (like staying in the yard or coming back no matter what, etc).

1 Puppies are a lot of work.. and malinois are the most work.
2 That’s basically it. They’re so much work. Waking up earlier than I already do, and forcing myself to exercise so she can get adequate exercise.
3 My yard isn’t fully fenced in in the front yard and our neighbors have horses.
4 We live on 5 acres, but are also right off of a road where the speed limit is 55 miles per hour.

Ok.. what do you think? See how torn I am? The pros don’t necessarily weigh out the cons because it has to do with pragmatics. Ughugh. Do you think it’s manageable?

Thanks for your input and have a great day!!

To get a new dog?